Freshly Brewed According to the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot.


The \'Oldest Food Law\' (1516) guarantees the quality and purity of beer. Only four ingredients are allowed: water, malt, hops and yeast.

Our Paulaner Beers.

The brewing process

  • Bräuhaus Weissbier
  • Bräuhaus Dunkel
  • Bräuhaus Hell
  • Bräuhaus Festbier
  • Bräuhaus Zwickl
  • Bräuhaus Weissbier

    Our Bräuhaus Weissbier is the Bavarian beer garden classic - naturally cloudy, golden yellow with a stable white foam head. The soul of this beer specialty is the top- fermenting yeast. This gives our wheat beer its unmistakable character: fruity, sparkling, refreshing. The brewery at the Waldschlösschen was one of the first breweries in Saxony to produce wheat beer all year round.
    Beer style: Top-fermented | Alcohol: approx. 5,3 % | Original wort: 12,5 % | Food suggestion: Goes well with Weißwurst, Obazda and Brotzeitbrett.

  • Bräuhaus Dunkel

    Our Bräuhaus Dark Lager is a powerful, dark beer with a roasted malt note and a pronounced caramel aroma. It impresses with its deep dark colour, a full-bodied body and finely tuned hop aroma. It is a symbiosis of Saxon black beer and Bavarian dark beer - stronger hopping and intense malt aromas combine the best characteristics of both types of beer in an unfiltered Bräuhaus Dark Lager.
    Beer style: Bottom-fermented | Alcohol: approx. 5,2 % | Original wort: 12,5 % | Food suggestion: Goes well with roast duck, Oktoberfest & Wirtshaus Reindl and desserts.

  • Bräuhaus Hell

    The Bräuhaus Hell has a bright golden yellow color and impresses with its compact white foam crown. By filtration of the original Bräuhaus Zwickl, turbidity is removed - the beer appears brilliant. Due to an extra hop addition, the Bräuhaus Hell has a more pronounced bitterness than the Bavarian model - a real original!
    Beer style: Bottom-fermented | Alcohol: approx. 4,9 % | Original wort: 12,5 % | Food suggestion: Goes well with our Bräuhaus classics, meat and beer garden dishes.

  • Bräuhaus Festbier

    Our Bräuhaus Festbier inspires with aromatic malt notes, a subtle sweetness and its poised hopping. A beer with a strong character and a deep golden color - mild, soft and extremely pleasant in taste.
    Beer style: Bottom-fermented | Alcohol: approx. 5,7 % | Original wort: 13,5 % | Food suggestion: Hearty Oktoberfest dishes.

  • Bräuhaus Zwickl

    Our Bräuhaus Zwickl is a naturally cloudy, light golden beer with a subtle malty body and fine hop notes. Full-bodied, shiny golden and bottom-fermented. Thanks to our traditional brewing method, this beer is a refreshing pleasure all year round.
    Beer style: Bottom-fermented | Alcohol: 5,2 % | Original wort: 12,5 % | Food suggestion: Goes well with our Bräuhaus classics, meat and beer garden dishes.

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"Good, Better, Paulaner" is our quality standard

Paulaner’s top priority is to bring the tasty Paulaner beer to us in optimum quality. Once it has arrived here, we want to maintain the brewery's quality standard right up to the point of serving it in your glass. So that the beer tastes exactly as if it came straight from the brewery's tank, the correct handling of our beer is very important to us.

Beer specialities from Munich

Munich is the world capital of beer. Paulaner has stood for the art of brewing since 1634. Paulaner inspires people with passion and pride for its art of brewing and its beer culture - "dahoam" and throughout the world. For almost 400 years Paulaner has been producing flavorful and expertly brewed beer ("handcrafted"). Not a trend, but at Paulaner handcraft is tradition!

Tasting is above studying

Paulaner is known for its excellent naturally cloudy “Hefe-Weißbier”. However, we also serve numerous other Bavarian beer specialities. To make your decision easier, just try one of our tasting boards. We will be happy to advise you!

The Essence of Beer

An icebuck has always been something special. With our essence of beer, we bring this tradition to the centre of your social gathering. The driving of the icebuck out of a block of ice is an experience. As a digestive, it is a worthy conclusion to a convivial and tasteful evening and turns a conclusion into an exclamation mark!

“Beer stacheln” - a venerable tradition

The "Stacheln" is a ceremony with which we celebrate and emphasize the enjoyment of beer. The archaic encounter of red-hot iron and ice-cold Paulaner beer creates a tension that sets a highlight in convivial company. Until the sting heats up over an open flame, anticipation and excitement rise, and at the same time a forum for discussions on the topic of beer enjoyment is created. Enjoy the cool beer together with the warm foam - certainly not an everyday treat.

Our beer menu

Come by and take a look at our beer menu. From it you can choose your favourite beer. Our selection of top- and bottom-fermented beers - from the barrel and from the bottle - is large. We also offer other drinks - with or without alcohol. Our beer variety is rounded off by seasonal specialities: e.g. Oktoberfest beer or Salvator.

The best master brewers - for true brewing art

Look over the master brewers shoulders and see how the finest Paulaner Bräuhaus beers are created, beers that can only be enjoyed there. Our master brewers use only the best ingredients. In addition to our Paulaner Bräuhaus classics, you can look forward to changing seasonal beers.

Munich Art of Brewing LIVE On-Site

The Paulaner Bräuhaus is more than just a beer restaurant. This is where brewing takes place! Find a cosy place to sit down in our Paulaner Bräuhaus and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere surrounding the copper-colored brewing kettles. A breathtaking scent fills the rooms on brewing days - and you are right in the middle of the process of hand-crafted beer production.